Hi! I'm Simon Mollema, or molzy, if you like. I write a blog here.

About Me

I have a few different interests. Here is a list of the things I enjoy most!

I built this website as a place to write about some technical work, and anything else that takes my fancy. I'm hoping to become a more creative person as time marches on.

I have recently completed the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification exam, in order to gain an entry-level credential within the Information Security field.


If you would like to read about more of my interests, what I do for work, and the studies I am currently undertaking in the Information Security field, you can find more information about me on the About page.

Latest Posts

DUCTF Writeups

Published on 2021-10-02 by molzy

Last weekend, I heard that there was a Capture The Flag event taking place - Down Under CTF.

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Photography in New Zealand

Published on 2021-09-25 by molzy

On a vacation in New Zealand, before the plague, I was able to enjoy taking photos of the landscape around me. I have posted a few selections below, with a descriptive accompaniment of bad poetry.

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OSCP Thoughts

Published on 2021-08-11 by molzy

Many people who have both a blog and the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification somehow feel compelled to write a blog post about their experience. I am not immune.

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